Why Kids Need to keep their Aura Strong

Why we need to keep the Aura strong


Keeping the Aura strong may be one of the most important things we can do for our energy and physical body. It is as important as taking your daily vitamins for the day. It is good for everybody, but it is especially great for our growing children. They are learning about their environment through new experiences every day. Children are also learning about their own energy fields and learning how to adjust to their surroundings. They are much closer to “feeling” the energy around them, than adults are who have been de-sensitized through life to their own intuitive awarenesses.

Our Aura is like a big bubble of invisible energy around us. It can be thought of as an invisible space suit. It is like a two way antennae, in which information comes into our energy body and helps makes sense to our physical body. It also gives out information to the world around you about who you are. It is constantly changing, moment to moment and with children, they can change throughout their day even more, like changing weather patterns.

Working with Sensitive Children in our Toxic Age

With Titanya Dahlin

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When they start to go to school or enter into social settings, children are “trying to fit in” whether it be with peer groups, being away from home and family for the first time or understanding new learning situations within the educational school systems. With “extra sensitive children”, it is a lot harder. They are always trying to harmonize and adjust their “sensitive energies” to un-natural environments all the time. Our planet is covered with so much more man-made and electromagnetic activity than when we were growing up that it is affecting our “energies” all the time, whether we know it or not. Children being affected by these invisible energies can experience sporadic emotional “melt-downs or tantrums” or a physical illness that can come in with a myriad of illnesses such as digestive, breathing, allergies and other challenges.

When we get sick, airborne illnesses affect our aura first and then spiral into the physical body.  If the aura isn’t strong enough, a child can get sick more frequently and a lot quicker. When you have classrooms full of children, illnesses are constantly moving from child to child and they keep catching it from each other. So if you have a child who is always getting sick, there aura might not be strong enough.

As well, shy children or children with low self-esteem issues pull their energy in; they don’t want to be seen. Therefore, their auras aren’t big and buoyant as they should be. Having a strong aura makes your energy feel safe and makes you feel more empowered and in control. Children that work with their aura and help puff it up more can bring in an extra liberation that may help them with confidence, courage and sometimes even coming out of their “inner world” shell.  Keeping the Aura strong is a really good thing to help children with bullying situations.


Just like the physical body can get weak when we are sick, your aura can reflect what has been done to you. When children come out of the hospital from having surgeries, their energy body may feel thin and can possibly have holes within it where they might have been cut open. With children or “extra- sensitive” individuals, they can feel negative energy or emotions coming from other people. If their aura is weak, these energies can move into the physical body a lot easier and quicker and then it’s hard to move back into a more positive space.

Below is a great exercise for kids and parents to help their aura stay strong. Like an energy shield, it helps protect the space around you so that negative energy isn’t spiraling into your physical being.  When you do this Eden Energy Exercise enough, your energy field will feel better, you won’t get sick as much and you won’t be “thrown off” when are caught off guard from all the stresses in life.

You can even visualize this exercise with a color that you or your child might feel that you need.  Make sure you visualize this exercise on the back, as well.

It is called, The Celtic Weave.

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