The Importance of a Healthy Aura for You and Your Children

This Article was published in Energy Magazine, July 2019.

Keeping the aura strong may be one of the most important things we can do for our energy and physical body. It may be as important as taking our daily vitamins.

I was recently talking with a friend of mine and he was saying, “I hear you work with colors in a person’s aura.” I said, “Yes, I do.” He said, “Well, I don’t know if I believe in all of that @#&*, but I find it interesting… Actually, I don’t know if I even believe in the aura.” I went onto explain, “Did you know if you did not have an aura, you would basically be dead? The aura holds us and our body together!” He was shocked and a bit
confused but is now trying to find more research on the aura.

Most of us cannot see our aura, but many of us can feel it. What does that mean? Now some of you may be very new to what the aura is and yet you already know it. . . Have you ever been in a crowded place, waiting in a line and you suddenly feel uncomfortable if someone gets too close in your personal space and you find yourself moving away from them? That is the feeling you have when you felt your own aura. I
sometimes like to tell people it is akin to the personal space around you.

We have this incredible energy dance going on in our
body, down to our blood, cells, bones and muscles.

We also have an energy dance going on — on the outside of our body too — that most of us cannot see but we are reacting to it all the time. Even scientists are now realizing that we are not just an organic sack full of bones and organs. They have a scientific
name for this field around your physical body and they call it, the biofield.

There is energy all around you and this energy, like an invisible bubble, is very personal to who you are. It is part of you and it has been called, the aura. Every
living thing has an aura. It is a field of energy that surrounds and permeates the physical body. Our aura is multi-layered and leveled — and connects to every
system within our body. Everybody’s aura is unique to who they are. They can be big or small, filled with colors and shapes, distinctive frequencies and vibrations.

Your aura is a life force that characterizes your personality all the way to your life’s journey and connection with the universe.

You may be thinking to yourself, what do people who see the aura actually see? My mother, Donna Eden is holistic health pioneer and author of the book, Energy
Medicine, and she has always seen the aura, as well as many different energy systems in the body. She says, “It’s very 3-D-ish looking, creating many layers and levels, colors and facets to its energy. . . a person’s aura is very beautiful.”

The word aura means “breath.” It comes from the Greek word, “avra,” meaning “breeze.” We can say that the aura is like an invisible breath or spirit that emanates
around us and from our whole being. When someone says that a person has a nice aura about them, it is similar to this feeling. With the symbology of the breeze, we can see that our aura serves as a visual measure of our mental, emotional, physical and
spiritual states.

Your aura is a life force that characterizes your personality all the way to your life’s journey and connection with the universe.

The aura is constantly changing, depending on what emotion or state you are going through within the day. Everything that we do or think affects the aura, and so it is constantly changing. An example of this would be: You are having a great day, perhaps you are in love and you are feeling great — your aura reflects this and is big and glorious with colorful vibrations. Something may come along that changes your mood, maybe even crossing paths with an ex-boyfriend that ended terribly. This can affect you negatively and then your aura can be a completely different vibration,
color and size. You may think that it is your emotions that cannot switch gears and have a happy day after this, but it is your aura that can make it hard to shake off the emotion.

Our aura is the first connection that meets our environment and each other, before our mind or physical body do. This is one of the most important reasons for keeping our aura healthy and strong. It acts like a protective invisible suit around you and protects you from toxins and illnesses in your environment. It definitely protects you, acting like a filter. When your aura is strong and buoyant, you will not get ill as often and stress can bounce off you easier. When it is weak, it seems like you can pick up energy — negative, toxic or otherwise — very easily from your atmosphere. Weak auras exist in people who are constantly ill, and therefore they really need to strengthen their aura.

When we get sick, airborne illnesses affect our aura first and then spiral into the physical body. If the aura is not strong enough, we can get sick more frequently
and a lot quicker. When you have classrooms full of children, illnesses are constantly moving from child to child and they keep catching it from each other. If you have a child who is always getting sick, you may need to look at the health of your child’s aura.

Keeping our aura strong is good for everybody, but it is especially important for our growing children. The aura is formed at the moment of conception and grows along with the embryo in the mother’s tummy, but really strengthens when the baby is born to help them survive. As children’s bodies develop, their aura also begins to build up right along with them.

Our planet is covered with so much more man-made and electromagnetic activity than 30 years ago and it is affecting our “energies” all the time, whether
we know it or not. With “extra sensitive children,” it is even harder to harmonize and adjust their “energies” to un-natural environments. Children who are affected by these “energies” can experience sporadic emotional “melt-downs or tantrums,” when their aura is not as strong as it could be. This makes it so confusing to their guardians when they cannot place what the cause of the child’s tantrum could have been.

With children, like varying weather patterns, they constantly shift more than adults do, for their energy is curious about the new world in which they are learning about. Like little sponges, they absorb whatever is around them, even the emotions of their parents and teachers. Children are much closer than adults to “feeling” the energy around them. As children develop, they are learning about their own bodies and how far they can stretch in their environment, but also how to adjust to their surroundings, through new experiences every day. They are getting a lot of stimulation from all their senses, and then put on top of that, new learning situations within the educational systems and social situations.

Remember back to when you went to school — these were the first times you entered into a social setting away from your home and family for the first time. As kids, we were always “trying to fit in” with our peer groups. Some of us were bold and fit right in and others maybe had to hide who they really were in order to fit in. Still others, were so confused that they never found a place to fit in and were quite lonely. Many
kids come into this world being happy kids with a big sense of themselves and sometimes their experiences in school squash this free spirit out of them. Other
kids had such a courageous spirit that it seemed like it was easy for them to flow through school.

Our aura needs to be very big and buoyant in order to be healthy and stay protected in our toxic world. So many children unconsciously collapse their auras to hide from the world, only to shrink in their power. This does not serve them in their health and wellbeing. Even some adults I know are still learning this lesson. This happens with shy children or children with low self-esteem issues that usually do not want to be seen so they hide behind their guardian, letting them fight all their battles and sometimes even talk for them. These children are the ones who are trying to find their voice. With authorities, they can either lose their words or be so quiet that you can barely hear them. Shy kids feel as if they are protecting themselves when they hide and pull their energy in and “go small.” In this way, their auras are not as full as they could be and therefore can be easily swayed when hurtful words are thrown at them.

On the other hand, a kid who has a lot of bravado and can speak their truth even when others may get

hurt, may have too big of an aura. These are the kids who take up a lot of space in the room. These are the children who are in your classrooms bouncing off the walls and daring the rest of the kids to join in their trickster fun. Their auras are so big and outside of themselves, that they may not have great boundaries. They are the kids that the teacher or parent is constantly telling to be careful and watch where they are
going, especially around their smaller siblings, as their hands flail in dramatic expression. These kids are a bit ungrounded and need to be pulled in somewhat, to listen to what is being said and to observe what is around them.

Teenagers who are also developing, can also need to have their auras strengthened in order to establish better boundaries. When they experiment with drugs or sex, it can create holes in their energetic field and hence can cause chaos within the young person’s energy.

All of these scenarios of children have a bit of imbalanced energy in their aura. Both can be very ungrounded and imbalanced and throw you off your own rhythm, making it hard to establish boundaries and find empowerment.

Just like the physical body can get weak when we are sick, your aura can reflect what you have experienced. If you have had a major surgery and are now recuperating, your energy body may feel thin and can possibly have holes in it where the physical body has been cut open. Our energetic body is also building strength, as well. When you have been through a major illness or surgery, you need to work with the aura to stay strong and build up its energy field. If you are working with aura exercises, you can heal a lot faster. And amazingly, the aura has a wonderous capacity for adaption and renewal.

Keeping the aura strong is a really good thing to help children with bullying situations, as well. Having a strong aura makes your energy feel safe, more empowered and in control. Children that work with their aura and help puff it up, can bring in an extra liberation that may help them with confidence, courage and sometimes even coming out of their “innerworld” shell.

Children who are “extra- sensitive” or empathic can feel negative energy or emotions coming from other people. If their aura is weak, these energies can move into their energetic field and into the physical body a lot quicker, making it harder for the individual to separate from the other. Therefore, it is then harder to move back into a more positive space, feeling grounded within themselves.

Some of the ways that you can strengthen the aura with your kids is dance. Wave your arms in big and small figure eight patterns or dance with colored veils. Walking barefoot in the grass and connecting to nature can also help you come back to yourself and feel grounded.

On the next page is a great exercise for kids and parents to help their aura stay strong. It is called, The Celtic Weave. Like an energy shield, it helps protect the space around you so that negative energy does not spiral into your physical being. When you do this
Eden Energy Exercise daily, your energy field will feel healthier, you will not get sick as much and you will not be “thrown off” when caught off guard from all the stresses in life. The Celtic Weave Exercise fluffs up the aura so that we establish a strong and vibrant health field around us.

Our big beautiful Aura is like a two-way antenna. One way is that it brings in information from our environment to help make sense to our physical body. The other antenna gives out information to the world around you about who you are.

Do it alongside your children and feel how more grounded you are after you do the exercise. You and your child might want to visualize a color that you or your child might feel that you need in that moment when you practice this exercise.

The Celtic Weave
by Donna Eden

Fig. 1. Rub your hands together. Slowly open them feeling the energy between them. Put them up by your ears.

Fig. 3. Swing your arms out to the sides and bend over.

Fig. 5. Scoop up your hands and bring the energy high up above your head.

Fig. 2. Bring your elbows together, touching, and then swing your arms out to the sides.

Fig. 4. Repeat crossing your hands over again and spread your hands out wide again. Repeat crossing by your ankles.

Fig. 6. Let it fall down the front and back sides of your body with a wiggle, like sprinkling fairy dust on either side of you.

Repeat this exercise in the four directions around you, to protect and strengthen your aura.

Photography by Narrative Images. The photos from this Eden Energy Exercise are taken from Titanya’s upcoming book, The Energy Playground. All photos are copywritten.

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