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My Little Energy Book Series… the first in the series is available now!

Chakra Chakra

The Fun and Easy Way to Teach Your Toddlers About Their Chakras

Hey Kids! 

It’s time to power up your chakras!  

Learn your colors! Supercharge your energy!

Chakra, Chakra by Titanya Dahlin and colorfully illustrated by Samantha J. Lewis.

Chakra Chakra is the first Energy Medicine for Kids book in the Energy Series called, My Little Energy Books.

Parents, your kiddos will quickly fall in love with the illustrations and easy to read story while you will love the empowering messages on every page.

This is more than just a story for bedtime.  It’s a unique and fun way to help your child explore their chakras and inner-world.

  • Written in a charming sing-song reading style, Chakra Chakra is a great way to bond with your munchkins.  
  • Help your children power up their chakras, learn their colors, and super charge their energy with this beautifully illustrated children’s book.
  • Besides learning about their chakra power, your kids also get to dive into the colors of the rainbow, and through repetition, they will begin to remember them.
  • Children also learn about the world’s many unique cultures as they travel the world on every page!
  • Finally, they tap into their amazing energy centers and explore how they can use each chakra to be their happiest and healthiest version of themselves.  
Written by the creator of  Energy Medicine for Kids, certified Waldorf education teacher and certified peaceful parenting coach, Titanya Dahlin.   You and your children will love exploring their chakra system through this imaginative book.

My Mom wrote it... I LOVE it!
Chakra Chakra
October, 2022
Chakra Chakra by Titanya Dahlin

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Chakra Chakra book

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